Due to software changes, we will not be accepting any new enrollments for the 2014-15 School Year until August 4, 2014.


Our Mission

To provide support to families by caring for their children during out of school time in a safe, nurturing, fun and educational environment.

Belief Statement, We believe that . . .

  • Children should be respected, nurtured and encouraged.
  • Children should develop positive relationships when exposed to dedicated and committed staff and community.
  • Children should reach their highest potential when successful partnerships with families are established.
  • Children should have choice to be exposed to a variety of educational and recreational interests.
  • Children should experience positive effects on their development, which leads to life long successes.
  • Children who attend Kids Country programs should benefit by becoming good citizens and scholars.

Attributes of a High Quality After School Program

  • Quality Staffing
  • Coordinated learning with regular school day
  • Linking school day staff and after school staff
  • Appropriate environments; enough space and materials
  • Effective partnerships with other community organizations and individuals.
  • Good program evaluation
  • Sharing of public and private resources
  • Blending funding streams
  • Strong family involvement